California State University

Have you considered transferring to a school within the California State University system? The system is made up of 23 campuses across California.

Here are some handouts and links to help you prepare for transfer to a Cal State school:


Finish-In-4 with California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB)

Finish-In-4 is a commitment to help students complete their bachelor's degree within four years through structured support and sequenced courses. This effort is designed for students to complete their Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) in 2 years at Chaffey College and a baccalaureate degree in the following 2 years at CSUSB.

The Finish-In-4 program supports the increase in student completion with an Associate Degree for Transfer in 60 semester units at Chaffey College. Once students are admitted to CSUSB, with a similar major, they will complete an additional 60 semester units to earn a bachelor’s degree! Together, the goal is to move students through to the next stage of their educational and career goals in a more efficient and impactful way.



Begin 2 years at Chaffey
Apply to Transfer
Finish last 2 years at CSUSB

Upon successful completion of an Associate Degree for Transfer, students are guaranteed admission into the CSU system in a similar major but not necessarily to a particular campus. Currently, Finish-In-4 pathways are ONLY available for the Associates for Transfer Degrees listed below: 

Chaffey Pathways Chaffey ADT Degrees CSUSB Programs BA/BS Degrees


Administration of Justice Criminal Justice Bachelor of Arts
Anthropology  Anthropology Anthropology Bachelor of Arts
Biology  Biology Biology Bachelor of Science
 Child Development: Early Childhood Education  Child Development: Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Development Bachelor of Arts
Communication Studies  Communication Studies Concentrations in: Media Studies, Relational & Organizational, Strategic Communication Bachelor of Arts
 English  English Concentrations in: Linguistics, Literature, Rhetoric & Writing Studies Bachelor of Arts
 History  History

 Concentrations: Credential, General History, Public History

Bachelor of Arts
 Math  Math Mathematics Bachelor of Arts
 Psychology  Psychology  Concentrations in: General Psychology, Biopsychology, Industrial &  Organizational  Bachelor of Arts
 Sociology  Sociology  Concentrations in: General Sociology, Social Services Bachelor of Arts


For a brief walk through on how to use the maps, please watch the following video.