Chaffey College Mission and Goals


Chaffey College improves lives and our communities through education with a steadfast commitment to equity and innovation to empower our diverse students who learn and thrive through excellent career, transfer, and workforce education programs that advance economic and social mobility for all.


  • Equity and Success
    Chaffey College will be an equity-driven college that fosters success for all students.

  • Learning and Completion
    Chaffey College will ensure learning and timely completion of students’ educational goals.

  • Community Opportunities and Needs
    Chaffey College will develop and maintain programs and services that maximize students’ opportunities and reflect community needs.

  • Technology
    Chaffey College will optimize the use of technological tools and infrastructure to advance institutional efficiency and student learning.

  • Efficiency
    Chaffey College will efficiently and effectively manage systems, processes, and resources to maximize capacity.

  • Agility
    Chaffey College will responsively adapt to changes in students’ academic and career needs.

  • Professional Learning
    Chaffey College will prioritize and align professional learning for all employees to support the achievement of Chaffey Goals.