Chaffey College Mission and Goals


Chaffey College inspires hope and success by improving lives and our community in a dynamic, supportive and engaging environment of educational excellence where our diverse students learn and benefit from foundation, career and transfer programs.


  • Equity and Success
    Chaffey College will be an equity-driven college that fosters success for all students.

  • Learning and Completion
    Chaffey College will ensure learning and timely completion of students’ educational goals.

  • Community Opportunities and Needs
    Chaffey College will develop and maintain programs and services that maximize students’ opportunities and reflect community needs.

  • Technology
    Chaffey College will optimize the use of technological tools and infrastructure to advance institutional efficiency and student learning.

  • Efficiency
    Chaffey College will efficiently and effectively manage systems, processes, and resources to maximize capacity.

  • Agility
    Chaffey College will responsively adapt to changes in students’ academic and career needs.

  • Professional Learning
    Chaffey College will prioritize and align professional learning for all employees to support the achievement of Chaffey Goals.