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Outcomes and Assessment


Assessment at Chaffey College is evidence based and is used for continuous quality improvement.  It is a systematic process of collecting, evaluating, sharing data internally, and analyzing data to support the ongoing efforts of student learning.  Results—positive or negative—are used to produce meaningful dialogue about ways instructional and student support programs can be modified to engage students in meaningful learning experiences.  Outcomes results are used to inform program changes and evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum.  Students are therefore the primary beneficiaries in this process.

Assessment is also used to continuously improve institutional effectiveness and is an integral part of the college’s short-term and long-term planning.  Internally, each program’s outcomes are assessed for strengths and areas of improvement as part of the college’s formal review process, and findings determine resource allocation decisions.  Externally, assessment results provide evidence for the mission and academic quality standards of accrediting commissions.

The Outcomes and Assessment Committee provides guidance, training and resources that empower administrators, faculty, and staff to effectively assess learning outcomes and support student success through a continuous process of program improvement.