About OAC

Purpose of the Committee

The Outcomes and Assessment Committee (OAC) helps meet the assessment goals and objectives of continuous quality improvement.  The Outcomes and Assessment Committee is a standing committee that support the college’s mission by empowering, training and assisting administrators, faculty, and staff with the assessment process.  The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Provide vision and leadership for outcomes-based assessment
  • Assist administrators, faculty, and staff with navigating the college’s assessment management system
  • Provide administrators, faculty, and staff with regular updates and information about the field of outcomes-based assessment and its status at Chaffey College
  • Develop policies and procedures for outcomes-based assessment, development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Develop comprehensive training materials and professional development opportunities on outcomes-based assessment for administrators, faculty, and staff
  • Provide administrators, faculty, and staff with assistance, resources, and support to implement outcomes-based assessment
  • Ensure that Chaffey College is compliant with accrediting commissions guidelines for student learning outcomes

Meets Standards for Accreditation

The Outcomes and Assessment Committee (OAC) is one of many support steering committees that helps ensure Chaffey programs meet standards of quality for degree and certificate requirements and of transfer institutions.  The focus of the OAC is on the assessment of student learning outcomes, which are referenced throughout the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Handbook.  Listed below are specific learning outcomes standards for accreditation that faculty and student support staff should be mindful of.

Accreditation Standards and Learning Outcomes
Standard I.B.2
Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness (Academic Quality) 
The institution defines and assesses student learning outcomes for all instructional programs and student and learning support services.
Standard I.C.4
Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness (Institutional Integrity) 
The institution describes its certificates and degrees in terms of their purpose, content, course requirements, and expected learning outcomes.
Standard II.A.3
Student Learning Programs and Support Services
(Instructional Programs)
The institution identifies and regularly assesses learning outcomes for courses, programs, certificates and degrees using established institutional procedures.  The institution has officially approved and current course outlines that include student learning outcomes.  In every class section students receive a course syllabus that includes learning outcomes from the institution’s officially approved course outline. 
Standard II.A.11
Student Learning Programs and Support Services
(Instructional Programs)
The institution includes in all of its programs, student learning outcomes, appropriate to the program level, in communication competency, information competency, quantitative competency, analytic inquiry skills, ethical reasoning, the ability to engage diverse perspectives, and other program-specific learning outcomes. 
Standard II.C.2
Student Learning Programs and Support Services
(Student Support Services)
The institution identifies and assesses learning support outcomes for its student population and provides appropriate student support services and programs to achieve those outcomes.  The institution uses assessment data to continuously improve student support programs and services. 



Outcomes and Assessment Committee


Representative School/Area Department
Jo Alvarez
OAC Chair
Language Arts Communication Studies
Lissa Napoli
OAC Administrative Assistant
Faculty Senate and Instruction Faculty Senate
Brian Atkinson 
Part-Time Faculty Representative
Business and Applied Technology Accounting
Ricardo Diaz
Coordinator of Counseling and Opening Doors
Counseling and Enrollment Pathways Counseling
Stephen Calebotta
Language Arts English
Kevin Curwin
Senior Research Analyst
Office of Institutional Research Institutional Research
Jim Fillpot
Dean, Institutional Research, Policy, and Grants
Office of Institutional Research Institutional Research
Daniel Jacobo
Visual and Performing Arts Broadcasting and Cinema
Shannon Jessen
Faculty, Chino Representative
Mathematics and Science Biology
Jeffrey Laguna
Health Science Gerontology
Matthew Morin
Director of Intersegmental Partnerships
Institutional Effectiveness and Intersegmental Partnership Adult Education and
High School Partnerships
Laura Picklesimer
Language Arts English
Candice Piper
Health Sciences Vocational Nursing
Jasmeet Singh
Mathematics and Science Chemistry
Matthew Vincent
Social and Behavioral Sciences Psychology
Jane Warger
Mathematics and Science Earth Science/Geology