Advisory Notices

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Current Painting Activities
Date Posted campus DATE(S) OF ACTIVITY LOCATION(s)
11/1/23 Rancho Cucamonga 12/11/23-12/15/23 CAA 2nd Floor Lobby
11/29/23 Rancho Cucamonga 12/1/23 SS-118 and AD-109



On the dates listed below, the grounds department will be spraying one or more of the approved products listed below.

 Spraying will currently take place 7 days per week at all three campuses. 

The following products are approved for use when spraying is necessary:
  • Aqua Master
  • Fusilade
  • Glyphosate
  • Pathfinder
  • Pendulum
  • Primo
  • Revolver
  • Speed Zone
  • Sure Guard
  • Termidor SC
  • Turflon Ester
  • Vista XRT



During periods of construction, please be cautious when travelling through locations listed below and note that construction may cause periods of noise.
For more information on bond measure projects, go to

Current Construction Activities
Date Posted campus LOCATION DATE(S) of ACTIVITY details 
7/11/23 Rancho Cucamonga Library Learning Commons 7/17/23-5/31/25 Construction activity will occur in and around the center of campus adjacent to the BE Building and Library.
9/18/23 Rancho Cucamonga See details 9/14/23- 12/30/23

Install  new outdoor LED lighting: 

  • Science Complex: 9/14–23
  • CDC Complex: 9/28–10/14
  • Library: 10/19–28
  • Aero: 11/2–4
  • Auto: 11/9–11
  • Theatre: 11/16–18
  • CCE: 11/30–12/2
  • Skills Lab & IS: 12/7–16
  • Street Lighting/Wargin Hall: 12/26–30
10/17/23 Rancho Cucamonga Various locations 10/18/23-

On 10/18/23,  Jergensen Construction is placing temporary construction area barricade fencing at the following locations in preparation of starting construction on 10/23/23:

  • East side of tennis court parking. Access to tennis courts will be on the East side of the courts through the man gate.
  • Areas between buildings HS, PS, and ZH
  • New Switchback Sidewalk at BE building/College Dr
11/1/23 Rancho Cucamonga IS Building 11/3/23-12/15/23

Remove existing roof system, prime, apply base, coat membrane with reflective acrylic coating.  Install new gauge edge metal, roof jacks around pipe penetrations and install mineral cap sheet.