Past Due Fees

Students with financial holds for past due fees will not be able to access the following services (Title 5, Section 59410):

  • Diplomas
  • Registration Privileges

 Once the term has started, to prevent being blocked from further registration activity, and access to the above services, we strongly recommend immediate payment upon registration. All fees, debts and financial obligations must be paid in full before the hold is released.

Submitting a voucher by a third party does not release the student's liability of tuition and fees. Students will be responsible for any balance their voucher may not cover or if their third party fails to pay Chaffey College. 

Failure to pay any outstanding balances will result in the student's name being submitted to the Franchise Tax Board for collection of any balance owed to Chaffey College.

Past due fees are accepted online, by mail, or in person. Stopping payment on a debit/credit card does NOT constitute a withdrawal from classes and will result in a $25.00 charge and a financial block on your account. Students will be charged for classes they are enrolled in, even if they never attend any class meetings.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all classes are dropped by the appropriate refund deadline to avoid being charged. DO NOT rely on an instructor to drop you from class(es). Students may view their refund deadline dates on the MyChaffey portal under the 'Registration' widget for the current term.