Daily Drop Policy

Full Term, Fast Track 1 and Summer Courses
Students are allowed 10 calendar days (including weekends and holidays) from the date of registration to submit payment in full. If payment is not submitted within the allotted time, all classes will be dropped.

Students who register less than 10 days prior to the start of the term must pay in full before the 1st day of instruction. Students who do not submit payment within the allotted time will be dropped from all classes.

** Note: If your payment date falls on a Sunday, we highly recommend that you pay BEFORE Sunday, as this day may be reserved for scheduled maintenance. Your payment may not go through which would cause you to be dropped from classes** 

Please refer to the Payment Chart for your payment due date. 

14-week & Fast Track 2 Courses
Payment for 14-week & Fast Track 2 courses are due at the time of registration. The 10-day drop policy does not apply. If fees are not paid at the time of registration, a restriction will be placed on your record (Title 5, Section 59410). Once 14-week & Fast Track 2 classes have begun, an Add Code is required for registration in all sections. Please view your registration statement for important refund and drop deadlines.

The following groups will NOT be dropped for non-payment:

  • Students enrolled in the NBS Tuition Payment Plan
  • Third-Party/Sponsor-paid students (appropriate paperwork must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office prior to the student’s payment deadline).
  • Students who have been awarded the CCP Grant*. The CCP Grant* must be applied to the student’s account prior to registration or within 10 days of registration. CCP Grant* students will receive a restriction on their account on the first day of the term if payment has not been submitted.
  • International Students

* California College Promise Grant (CCP Grant*) is formerly known as the BOG fee waiver. For information related to waiver of enrollment fees, contact the Chaffey College financial aid office at (909) 652-6199.