Chaffey College Architects and Architecture

architecture fileTHE ARCHITECTURAL STYLE of the campus was described in 1958 as Pacific Modern, without any mention of the characteristics of such a style. A year later, a progress report prepared by the college stated that Contemporary Rancho had been selected as the architectural theme for the campus. Buildings were described as grouped around two oval areas in a “lazy-8 design.” In keeping with the Rancho theme, landscaping included olive trees, eucalypti, and native shrubs. Flowering trees were planned to line campus roads and walks. The buildings outlined in the Master Plan were all singlestory, constructed of Junipero adobe brick.




  • Planetarium
  • Language Arts
  • Skills Lab
  • Theatre
  • Wargin Hall
  • DOMESTIC SCALE: Most of the original buildings were single story with a low gable roof, typical of suburban residential architecture of the era. Here, students gather at the Campus Center.
  • TILT-UP CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION: A cost-effective and efficient technique used in the original campus buildings.
  • Architectural rendering of the Administration building
  • Architectural rendering of the original Campus Center
  • Architectural rendering of the Life Science building (later called Health Science West)
  • Architectural rendering of the original Health Science East and Planetarium
  • Architectural rendering of the original Campus Center East
  • Architectural rendering of the Creative Arts complex
  • CONSTRUCTION CONCEPTS under discussion by architects Donald E. Neptune and Joseph S. Thomas, and Chaffey superintendent Dan Milliken.