Steps to Becoming a CalWORKs Student

  • Receive adult portion of cash aid for yourself as well as your dependent children
  • Submit a free application for admission to Chaffey College by applying online, or connect virtually for Live Support.
  • Apply for financial aid through the completion of a FAFSA application for the current academic year by applying online, or call (909) 652-6199 for assistance
  • Complete the Chaffey College orientation and placement process for English and Math by scheduling an appointment online through the Chaffey College placement page or call (909) 652-6200 for assistance
  • Schedule an appointment with a Chaffey College CalWORKs counselor to create your educational plan in person by visiting the Administration Building, Room 190 or by calling (909) 652-6045


Student Responsibilities

Each semester, you are required to:

  • Provide verification of cash aid benefits in the form of a notice of action, passport to services, or verification of benefits
  • Pay non-enrollment fees
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a Chaffey College CalWORKs counselor one month prior to the start of the term
  • Complete a comprehensive educational plan with a Chaffey College CalWORKs counselor
  • Register online through the portal within MyChaffeyVIEW or in person with the Admissions and Records Office at the Rancho, Chino, or Fontana campuses on or after your assigned registration date
  • Obtain an Ancillary Book Request from your Chaffey College CalWORKs counselor to obtain county assistance with required textbooks for eligible classes
  • Attend the first class meeting to avoid a potential drop by your instructor
  • Maintain a total of 20/30/35 hours of academic and/or other approved activities based on your Welfare-To-Work/GAIN activity requirement
  • Provide a copy of your Welfare-To-Work plan
  • Attend at least one mid-term appointment with your Chaffey College CalWORKs counselor to review your progress
  • Attend at least one personal/professional development workshop provided by the Chaffey College CalWORKs Program for Parents and/or other approved departments on campus
  • Maintain satisfactory progress defined by 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Notify your Chaffey College CalWORKs counselor before you make any changes to your classes or approved activities
  • Ensure you activate your panther email and check it regularly for important program information
  • Participate in a Chaffey College CalWORKs program for parents “welcome back” information session (fall semester)


As a student in the CalWORKs program, you have access to:

  • Assistance with admissions, financial aid, scholarship applications, and other forms
  • Priority registration
  • Academic and personal counseling
  • Textbook and parking assistance available through the county when your case is in compliance and education is approved as a Welfare-To-Work/GAIN activity
  • Student centered service and assistance from CalWORKs program staff
  • Program advocacy for supportive services from the county and community
  • CalWORKs Work Study job placement opportunities and subsidized on-campus employment for eligible students
  • Work readiness support
  • Opportunities for support and peer networking
  • Personal and professional development workshops
  • Recognition events
  • General school supplies
  • Additional student resources throughout the semester