Undocumented Students

How to pay for College as an Undocumented Student 

  1. Apply for the California Dream Act
  • The DREAM Act (short for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) was a bill in Congress that would have granted legal status to certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children and went to school here. Although several versions of the bill have been introduced in Congress since 2001, it has never passed.Who are the Dreamers? 
  • In the last few years the term “DREAMer” has been used to describe young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, who have lived and gone to school here, and who in many cases identify as American. The term DREAMer originally took its name from the bill in Congress, but it has a double meaning about the undocumented youth who have big hopes and dreams for a better future.

Students must:
Apply for the CA Dream Act - https://dream.csac.ca.gov/  

  • Be sure to add Chaffey College’s school code 00116300

Important Dates for applying:
October 1: California Dream Act Applications open
March 2: Deadline to apply for the California Promise Grant (formerly known as BOG Waiver), and Cal Grant
Note: DACA is not required to apply for the CA Dream Act. DACA is a federal program, while CA Dream Act is a state-based financial aid program.

Do you meet the AB540 criteria?

In order to properly process your California Dream Act application you must meet AB540 criteria.

If one or more of the following statements is applicable to you, you will be considered as one meeting the AB540 criteria.

  • Attended a high school in California for at least three full years. The three years do not have to be consecutive.
  • Earn a high school diploma, General Educational Development (GED) certificate or pass the California High School Proficiency exam (CHSPE).
  • Enroll or be accepted for enrollment in an eligible program as a regular student seeking a degree or certificate.
  • If you are without lawful immigration status, you will have to file an affidavit with the college or university stating that you have filed an application to legalize your immigration status, or that you will file an application as soon as you are eligible to do so.

For information on how to clear California residency for Tuition purposes trough AB540 – Visit the Residency Information Page  

Don't Meet AB-540 criteria?

If you don’t qualify to clear residency with AB540, please reach out to our Residency Advisors. If you qualify, this will allow you to pay in-state tuition.

Students who are citizens and residents of a foreign country, and who are  legally precluded from establishing residency in California shall be  entitled to exemptions from non-resident fees on the basis on individual  financial need in accordance with regulations adopted by the Chancellor.  Such individual exemptions shall not be granted in excess of ten percent  (10%) of the district’s students who are both citizens and residents of a  foreign country in the applicable term. 

  • Foreign Citizen (not a US Citizen)
  • Are legally prohibited from establishing residency in CA
  • Meet the financial assistance requirement
  • Are enrolled in at least one (1) unit
  1. Apply for Scholarships!
    Scholarships help students pay for college. It is money you do not have to pay back. At Chaffey College, we have many scholarships for all students regardless of immigration status. You can apply for scholarships even if you receive financial aid from the Dream Act.  Visit the foundation webpage for more information.   
  1. Apply for Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
    Succeeding in college depends on more than just academic support for many students. You may need extra financial help, specialized counseling that addresses your specific challenges and overall guidance to meet your educational and career goals. Chaffey College offers Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) to meet those needs.

Some of the services include:  

    • Priority registration
    • Assistance in purchasing or renting textbooks for classes (Chaffey College campus store only) 
    • Purchase of Parking Permit or payment of Transportation Fee 
    • Pays various student service fees’ (Please note; services are contingent upon budget availability)  

To learn more information and how to apply to EOPS Services and Programs, please visit the EOPS webpage

Connect to other resources for undocumented students by visiting this Resource webpage