Transportation Request

The contents of this form will be sent to the appropriate campus departments for approval and processing. Refer to District guidelines for field trips that require the completion of mandatory waiver or release forms(s). Out-of-state travel requires prior approval and additional forms. Keys to District vehicles will be issued to the preapproved individuals indicated on this form. One key will be issued to each driver of a designated vehicle. Preapproved drivers must bring their drivers' license to the Maintenance and Operations - Transportation office the day of the field trip to secure the vehicle key. Upon return to the District, the vehicle must be returned to the maintenance area with the key left in the predesignated area. All vehicles will be inspected for damage upon return. After hours, keys will be available for pickup and return in the Campus Police office.

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Each request must be submitted at least five (5) working days prior to use of a district vehicle.

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This trip is:
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