Retirement Board of Authority

Chaffey College provides medical benefits to certain retired Chaffey employees through a trust managed by Chaffey’s Retirement Board of Authority. The board meets once a year to examine the trust, which is comprised of investments by the Chaffey Community College District.

Board Members

Lisa Bailey
Associate Superintendent, Business Services
and Economic Development

Patrick Cabildo
Executive Director Business Services

Susan Hardie
Director, Human Resources

Heather McGee Decauwer
Director of Budgeting and Grants Compliance


Tim Dominquez
Internal Auditor


March 16, 2021  
March 15, 2022  



April 15, 2020




Annual Report

July 2021

July 2022

July 2023


Actuary Report

April 2020

May 2022


Pension Stabilization Trust


March 2021  



March 25, 2020