Campus Store Textbook Rental Program

The Campus Store supports LCT (low-cost textbooks) with its highly popular textbook rental program that applies deeply discounted rates to over 300 printed textbook titles. The traditional Campus Store rental program is an all-inclusive process that researches faculty adoptions to determine rental availability reducing the retail price on average 45%.

In addition to the traditional rental program, the Campus Store has developed, in partnership with the College, a sponsored rental program that charges only a minimal administrative fee for the rental.  To be included in the sponsored rental program, the textbook must be used in high-demand courses with at least 3 sections using the same title and it should be a comprehensive textbook that is typically $50 or more in price. Students pay an administrative fee that ranges between $10 and $40 for a sponsored textbook for the semester. The administrative fee is the only payment required for the textbook. The fee is a fraction of the actual textbook costs (some textbooks have a retail value of over $300).  

Along with the rental partnerships, the District has been providing students with Store Grants during the pandemic to help cover the cost of all their course materials.

Visit the Campus Store webpage to access the Rental Program.