How to Apply for a Scholarship

Filling Out The Chaffey College Foundation Scholarship Application

I. Sections 1-4 (Personal Information, Academic Information, Financial Information, and Qualification Questions)

These sections are straightforward Yes/No and multiple-choice sections. Answer according to your personal situation.

II. Work Experience/Extra Curricular Activities Section

Fill this section out exactly as you would if you were filling out an application for employment. Make sure your dates are accurate. Also, make sure you include any volunteer/extracurricular activities. Community involvement is an important quality in this section. If you are involved in ANY kind of service to the community, make sure to include it here. If you are not involved in the community or on campus because of work/responsibilities, make sure you include an explanation of this in your personal statement.

III. Educational Statement Section

Your educational goal statement should be clear and precise in your current, short term, and long term educational and career goals. You can follow this guideline:

  1. Intro-Learning purpose at Chaffey College.
  2. Major of study at Chaffey (Degree you are seeking), and what inspired you to pursue this degree/certificate.
  3. Purpose for obtaining this degree/certificate-Do you need this degree to transfer to a 4-year university? If pursuing a certificate, will this help you obtain a specific employment?
  4. State your long-term educational and career goals.

**Note: This is only a sample. You are NOT required to follow this outline.
Also, please do not use this outline as questions to answer, but rather as a guide.

IV. Personal Statement

This section is your opportunity to provide further information about yourself that will assist the committee in selecting you as a recipient. (Examples: tell your story; share your financial situation, your challenges, and aspirations.)
Please keep in mind this section will have a great impact on whether you are selected as a scholarship recipient.


Minimum word count of 200 words– If you have less than 200 WC, your application will be removed from the applicant pool.

Advice- Type your statements on a word document and paste them on to the application website. This will ensure that your application is free of grammatical errors.

Visit the writing center to so someone else can read your statements. Writing centers are available at all three Chaffey College Campuses and are available to all currently enrolled students.


Step-By-Step Video
How to Fill Out the Foundation Scholarship Application


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