Student Government

ccsg logoChaffey College Student Government's (CCSG) purpose is to engage and empower the student body. CCSG strives to create opportunities for student growth, provide resources for student success and advocate for student's rights.


The organization consists of 25 students, including five executive board members and 20 senators. Students can pursue positions in student government if they’ve been a student for at least one semester, enroll in at least six units per semester and meet a number of other criteria.

The CCSG supports student scholarships and book grant programs, campus-wide events and activities throughout the academic year.

2022-23 CCSG Members

Rousselle Douge, CCSG President/Student Trustee - Chair of Student Senate & CCSG Executive Board

Delancy Christion, Vice President of Administration - Chair of Student Delegation Committee

Qianya Sun, Director of Outreach - Chair of Outreach Committee

Nicola Martinez, Director of Finance - Chair of Finance Committee

Tamia Newman, Director of Events - Chair of Events Committee

Rita Awad, Senator

Roland Burgess, Senator

Ramia Chaudhary, Senator

Jasmin Duarte Alvarado, Senator

Fany Espinoza HernandezSenator

Demia Lotson, Senator

Cheryl Martinez, Senator

Frederick Powell Jr., Senator

Joshua Ray Clavecillas, Senator

Jennica Valencia, Senator

Jennifer Vo, Senator

(9 VACANT), Senator


Student Life

(909) 652-6590

Agendas & Minutes

Chaffey College posts agendas and minutes for student government meetings here, a legislative requirement under the Ralph M. Brown Act.


CCSG 2022-2023 Senator Application link is currently closed.

If you are interested in applying for a Senator position within CCSG, please contact the President/Student Trustee, Rousselle Douge.


CCSG Senator FAQs

Q.  What is a CCSG Senator?

A.  A CCSG senator is a voting member of CCSG student senate and a CCSG standing committee and CCSG senator are appointed to a campus-wide shared governance committee. Being a CCSG senator gives you the opportunity to positively impact the lives of students at Chaffey College. It will also be an opportunity to hone your leadership, team work, and advocacy skills.


Q.  What will happen if I become a CCSG Senator?

A.  After you are inducted as a CCSG senator, you will be appointed to one of the CCSG standing committees and to at least one campus-wide shared governance committee. The work you do on those committees will be assigned to you by the Chair of the committee.


Q.  What committees are there, and do I get to decide what committee I'm appointed to?

A.  There are currently four CCSG standing committees: Delegations, Events, Finance, and Outreach. Senators will be appointed to committees by the current CCSG President.


Q.  What are the time commitments?

A.  Senate and CCSG committee meetings are fixed to meet every Monday from 12:30pm to 2pm. Every other week, your committee chair may hold an additional meeting to discuss committee business. The campus-wide shared governance committees generally meet every other week and the days/times vary.  In addition to meeting, CCSG senators will also actively participate in CCSG sponsored and co-sponsored events.  On average, the weekly time commitment for a CCSG Senator is approximately 2-4 hours.


Q.  What are the requirements to be a senator for CCSG?

A.  Currently, we require senators to have a 2.5 G.P.A., be enrolled in at least 6 semester units, have paid or be scheduled to pay the College Service Fee, and have been at Chaffey for at least a semester.


Q.  I don’t fulfill one or more of those requirements. Can I still be active in CCSG?

A.  Yes, there is a role for Student Representative. Student representatives are student volunteers that can volunteer on CCSG committees without needing to meet the requirements for the senator position.


The following link has the results from the 2022 General Elections.  2022 General Elections Result Link