Distributed Web Contributors

Web Contributors throughout CHAFFEY COLLEGE are ultimately responsible for their section’s digital presence and content. The Office of Strategic Communications will work with section heads to ensure an appropriate Web Contributor has been designated and an appropriate approval workflow is in place (see Roles and Permissions below). Web Contributors are limited to Faculty and Staff. Students, student workers, or other members of the community are not permitted to access OU Campus nor be Web Contributors. The Web Contributor must have a @chaffey.edu email or ID.

Web Contributors should work with the Office of Strategic Communications to ensure brand, messaging and information architecture standards are used and to provide the best overall user experience when proposing major changes such as:

  • URL or Page Title changes
  • Use of snippets
  • Creating new pages or sections
  • Embedding widgets or tools
  • Calendars
  • Large scale projects

Roles & Permissions

Our web content management system, OU Campus, provides varying levels of access and approvals, allowing fine-grained management of content posted to the site.

In general, control of content is delegated to those best positioned to ensuring its timeliness and accuracy. The Office of Strategic Communications is available to help provide new pages, sites, and modules to meet specific needs, and to consult on web strategy, but the responsibility for maintaining accuracy and completeness of information rests on those within a department, unit, or division. Day-to-day operation of the site, content updates, and corrections will be managed by departments and content contributors in order to minimize bottlenecks and delays.

These are the various types of permission levels established in the system with a summary of each level’s relevant duties and abilities.

Content Contributors— Personnel within a section or department:

  • Contributor Level 1 (Content Editor)—
  • The curator of content for a section, a Contributor Level 1 gathers, creates, and organizes/rewrites content drawn from additional subject area experts.
  • A section may have multiple Contributor Level 1s.
  • Trained in OU Campus, Style Guide, Brand Guidelines, Visual Style Guide and Accessibility.
  • Responsible for maintaining accuracy, simplicity, voice, and tone.


  • Content Creator (Editor Level 6) — Depending on technical needs, some sections may have additional permissions delegated to them on a case-by-case basis with additional permissions.


  • Administrators— Web development team and the Office of Strategic Communications.
  • Administrators are responsible for the overall look and feel of the site, they have final authority on all content posted to the website.
  • They work with Content Contributors and Content Creators to ensure accurate and appropriate content that follows the Style Guides and Brand Guidelines as well as Accessibility Guidelines.


Permissions and Groups

In addition to assigning roles for individual users, OU Campus allows users to be categorized into Groups, giving the ability to assign a set of users to access a particular section. Each section will have a defined Content Approver designated as the head of the Group that is able to edit that section. Administrators have the ability to define groups of users and assign heads of each group. Administrators are also able to edit all sections.

Managers with website oversight responsibilities are encouraged to identify a Content Contributor in their area with the requisite training and permission to make edits to the site, so that changes are not delayed.