STEM Summer Research Opportunity Program

The Summer Research Opportunity Program is a chance for local area businesses and academic institutions to contribute to the community through collaboration with a Chaffey College STEM student.

We (the SRO Program Staff at Chaffey College) recruit, interview, and hire quality STEM students with a strong desire to learn more about their academic area - either through in depth research at academic institutions, or through real world experience at local businesses.

Students are recruited starting in January, and are able to start when the Spring term is complete at Chaffey in May. They are normally placed for between six and ten weeks, for up to twenty hours per week, on a flexible schedule to meet both your and their needs, during the Summer.


2021 Summer Research Opportunity




  • poster of Elliptical Fourier Analysis of the Ulnar Proximal Complex in Primates
  • Poster of STEM Summer Research Opportunity at Duke CRM
  • poster of Sequence
dependent morphology of self assembled peptide polymer nanostructures
  • poster of Selecting Winners in K-Majority Voting Contests
  • Poster of Analysis of Avian Gliding Performance Using XFLR5
  • Poster of Skeletal Illustration with Augmented Reality for Mammut Pacificus
  • Poster of Effects of Visual Stimulation on Alpha Wave Progression
  • Poster of Forest Fires: Affect on Ocean and Air Quality
  • Poster of The Relationship Between Age, Video Game Use, and Navigational Ability
  • poster of Creating Skeletons of Mammut pacificus with Augmented Reality
  • Poster of Internship at the Alf Museum
  • Poster of Machine Compliance Analysis
  • Poster of Food Processing At Chapman University
  • Poster of Morphology of Galaxies by Patchiness
  • Poster of Blast Gauge Effort
  • Poster of Laboratory Methods
in Food Science Research
  • Poster of Limber Pines Research
and dna extraction
  • Poster of How Networking Builds Better Engineers