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"Quicker Emails with Quick Parts”  
submitted by Vicky Valle


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Quick Tip Archive

April 2020
“Tips for Better Work/Life Balance while in Quarantine”
Submitted by Chaffey College’s Caring Campus.

February 2020
“Quick Alignment in a Word Document”
Submitted by Tina Altis.

January 2020
Using AutoFill Even Faster!
Submitted by Karen Olsen.

December 2019
Forwarding your Phone Calls
Submitted by Tina Altis.

November 2019
Using the Format Painter
Submitted by Vicky Valle.

October 2019
Breathing Technique
Submitted by Sabrina Sanchez.

September 2019
Simple and Professional Automatic Replies
Submitted by Jacqueline Romero.

July 2019
Finding Your Email’s Home
Submitted by Vicky Valle.

June 2019
Datatel Quick Key Shortcuts
Submitted by Tina Altis.

May 2019
How to Write Emails That Make Your Team More Productive
By Vital Smarts.  Shared by Vicky Valle 

April 2019
How to Prevent Misdialed 911 Calls
Submitted by Chaffey College Police Department

March 2019
The Do’s and Don’ts of Campus Mail
submitted by Olympia Olaluwoye.

January 2019
Setting Reminders for Email Follow-up
Submitted by Vicky Valle.


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