Non-High School Partnership

The Non-High School Partnership (Non-HSP) enrollment option is available to ALL CA high school students in 9th-12th grades.

IMPORTANT: Students must self-register in Non-HSP courses, and are responsible for the cost of textbooks & college service fees.



Important Dates:

Semester/Term Non-HSP Enrollment Period     Self-Registration Dates   First day of Non-HSP Course*  

Fall 2023

Begins April 10

Students can self-register for approved Non-HSP sections on or after their assigned registration date.

Self-registration period begins after April 24. 

Refer to the student schedule (Found under "Quick Links" on homepage of student portal)

*PLEASE NOTE: On the first day, students must check into their course(s) in canvas and complete the first assignment(s) or they may be dropped.


Non-HSP Program Information:

Non-HSP courses are tuition-FREE! However, students must pay the college service fee, and purchase the textbook(s) for the course. Program participation and course options must be approved by a counselor or administrator at the high school of attendance each semester/term. Once the approved Non-HSP enrollment form is processed by the college's Admissions and Records Dept., students can self-register for the course options selected, pending seat availability.  Students must meet all eligibility and prerequisite requirements for the course. 

Non-HSP Enrollment Process:

1. Electroncially submit the Non-HSP enrollment form below to your high school for approval. Please note: Forms with missing or incorrect student ID numbers will not be processed

2. It takes the Admissions & Records (A&R) Dept. approx. 3 business days to process approved enrollment forms before the student can self-register.  Students will receive an email from A&R letting them know the approved courses have been cleared for registration. 

3. Students can begin self-registering for cleared courses on or after their assigned registration date and time. Registration appointment days/times can be found on the homepage of the student portal under "Quick Links". For questions about your registration date, please contact the Admissions and Records Dept: Live Chat or

4. Prior to the first day be sure you are able to access your student portal AND Panther email.  See "Getting Started" in the Dual Enrollment Canvas Shell

Have questions? Connect with information and program support HERE! (


Non-HSP Enrollment Form

  • Students need a 7-digit Chaffey College student ID number in order to submit an enrollment form. ID numbers start with the number "0" and contain no letters. Need to apply?  Click APPLY HERE 
  • Please refer to enrollment process above for self-registration steps.
  • Once registered, pay the college service fees ($15-20) on the homepage of the student portal under "Payment Center"

IMPORTANT: After registering, students who no longer plan to take the Non-HSP course(s) must drop or withdraw from the course in their student portal by the deadline stipulated in the Academic Calendar


Non-HSP Course Options:  Click HERE to view the "Open Class List"

Fall 2023 NON-HSP Enrollment Form

NOTE: Students may only submit ONE Non-HSP form per semester/term.
Subsequent course changes and requests must be made using the CHANGE FORM