High School Partnership

Registration Period

Summer 2023: April 5 - May 12

Fall 2023: April 19 - August 18

High School Partnership (HSP) Dual Enrollment

HSP is for students attending a high school in the following school districts (and select Charter Schools):

High School Partnership Designee Contact Information

Important Dates:

Semester/Term Enrollment Period     Registration Confirmation in Student Portal*    First day of HSP courses**   
Summer 2023 April 5 - May 12      On or before May 26, 2023 June 5 (8-week courses)
Fall 2023 April 19 - August 18 On or before August 30, 2023 September 5 (14-week courses)

* Courses are uploaded to the student portal as they fill. Some courses may apprear in the student portal before others.
** PLEASE NOTE: Students must check into their course(s) in canvas and complete the first assignment(s) or they may be dropped

Program Information:

HSP courses are cost-FREE! The college pays for tuition, college service fees, AND textbook rental for students registered in High School Partnership (HSP) courses.  (Fees will be waived prior to the start of the term. If fees still appear after the start of the term, please contact the Cashier's Office).

Enrollment Process:

1. Electroncially submit the HSP enrollment form to your high school for approval. Notice: Forms with missing or incorrect student ID numbers will not be processed.

2. Admissions and Records will register you in ALL the courses you have been approved to take.  (You do not need to self-register for HSP sections).

3. On the first day of the course, log into Canvas in your student portal and complete the first assignment to confirm your registration. Students who do not do this by the end of the first day may be dropped. 

IMPORTANT: Prior to the first day of class be sure you are able to access your student portal AND Panther email

Have questions? Need onboarding support?  Connect with a Dual Enrollment Success Coach HERE.

Visit the Dual Enrollment Canvas Shell for additional program information and to link to college resources & services!



  • Students need a 7-digit Chaffey College student ID number in order to submit an enrollment form. ID numbers start with the number "0" and contain no letters. Need to apply?  APPLY HERE 
  • Courses that no longer appear as an option on the enrollment form have filled and are closed.
  • Students who no longer plan to take the HSP course(s) must drop or withdraw from the course in their student portal by the deadline stipulated in the Academic Calendar




             (Enrollment form will be available here April 5, 2023)                        

Our Dual Enrollment Team looks forward to supporting your goals at Chaffey College!