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Work Experience Courses

Work Experience Course Information

Chaffey College’s Work Experience program prepares students for careers by developing their marketable skills and desirable work habits through work experiences. These courses are a cooperative effort in which the student, employment/internship site, and Chaffey College work together to define Workplace Learning Objectives (WLOs), offer supervision and guidance in the achievement of objectives, and develop the student’s skills through coaching and evaluation. The course’s impact is most valuable when students are motivated and guided to establish WLOs that directly improve their employability job skills, as well as achieve a tangible, positive result for the employer. Students receive ongoing mentorship from an instructor and are encouraged to solicit feedback and coaching from their employer throughout the course.

Types of Work Experience Courses

  1. General Work Experience* - supervised employment where the learning objectives of the course need not be related to your program of study.
  2. Occupational Work Experience* - supervised employment where the course allows you to apply what you are learning in the classroom to an actual work environment. Therefore, the learning objectives are directly related to your program of study.

 * Please note: Work Experience courses are degree or certificate applicable as an elective but are not transferrable to a 4-year university.

Course Format

Students complete the course within a specific term and earn college credit based on the number of units in which they enroll, and the number of work hours they complete. Credit is awarded based on successful completion of the WLOs, course assignments, and the required number of hours worked during the term. One unit is earned for every 75 hours of paid work or 60 hours of unpaid work.

Course Units

Hours Required

Paid Work

Hours Required

Unpaid Work
1 75 60
2 150 120
3 225 180
4 300 240

During the course, you will commit to a planned program which includes new or expanded responsibilities or learning opportunities. WLOs must contribute to your occupational or educational goals and have the approval of your instructor.

Work Experience courses are pass/fail or graded and the grading type will be set by your instructor at the beginining of the semester. 

Digital Badges and the Academic, Community, and Employability Skills (ACES)

In addition to earning course units, you can also achieve Academic, Community and Employability Skill (ACES) Badges to demonstrate your continued willingness to strengthen your skillsets to current and future employers.

For more information on digital badges please visit the Career Center Employability Skill Webpage: Chaffey College ACC Digital Badges

Eligibility, How to Register, and Restrictions

  1. You must be a Chaffey College student with a Chaffey College ID to register for the course. To apply to the college, please click here.
  2. Once you have obtained a Chaffey Student ID and registration dates have been provided, students must then complete the Work Experience Student Application Form. 
  3. For Work Experience courses, you must already be employed or participating in an internship prior to enrollment (or at least have been offered such an opportunity).
  4. Work Experience courses are by instructor permission only. Therefore, once you have completed the Work Experience Student Application Form, your course instructor will then notify you of your course section and when you are permitted to register.
  5. You may earn up to a total of 16 semester units for the satisfactory completion of all types of Work Experience courses subject to the following limitations:
    • Avoid Duplication - If enrolling in multiple courses simultaneously, hours and objectives may not be duplicated.

High School Dual Enrollment Work Experience

Upland High School students have a unique opportunity to earn college credit and obtain a digital skill record for their Teacher's Aid (TA) assignments. If you are an Upland High School student who is also a TA, please complete the Upland High School Work Experience Form.

Contact Information

Matthew Morin
Interim Dean, Workforce Innovations
(909) 652-6103

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.