Employability Skills – Tokens/Badges

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Employability Skills Badges are:

  • a micro-credential that verifies a specific skill to an employer
  • a digital badge that can set your resume apart from others
  • a way to highlight your key strengths and skills within an academic program

Why do Employability Skills Tokens and Badges even matter? Tokens and badges can help to explain and show an employer your skills and strengths that you mastered at Chaffey within your required courses.

Where can I track and manage my Employability Skills Tokens and Badges?

The Career Center will email and/or text you once you have earned a token or badge.

  1. Log in to the MyChaffey portal
  2. Click on the Badgr link under the Shortcuts. If you have edited your shortcuts, you can find the Badgr link under Tools >View All>Everyday Tools
  3. Click on the option to sign in with Chaffey College (Do not choose the second option to enter an email and password)
  4. Click on Backpack to view your badges

The Career Center can help you make sense of your digital badges as well as figure out how to use them when applying for a job!  

I want to learn more about Employability Skills Tokens/Badges

Types of Employability Skills


Adaptability badge

Understand how to notice changes and see opportunities for growth, stay open to new experiences, consider a variety of viewpoints, and handle stress in a positive way.

Analysis/Solution Mindset badge

Consider different viewpoints, look at the bigger picture of work situations, examine information, and think about different ways to solve a problem.

Collaboration badge

Know how to understand diversity in the workplace, respect people's differences, share leadership by gathering ideas and using skills of all team members, and finding positive ways to deal with conflict.

Communication badge

Understand how to speak in a professional manner, communicate using technology tools, choose words wisely and use non-verbal communication to make meaning clear, and be an attentive listener while asking questions or repeating back to make sure what was heard was understand correctly. When writing uses correct spelling and grammar to make meaning clear.

Digital Fluency badge

Gain basic understanding of computer, tablet, and smart phone hardware and software, and know what technology tools will help people work together. Students also understand the right and wrong in sharing information, and know how to use online resources to find information or answer questions.

Empathy badge

Know the difference between empathy and sympathy, and can connect with others by being a good listener. Develop good relationships with people from different backgrounds, and make decisions based on client or customer needs by looking at things from their point of view.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Know how to be self-motivated and seek new knowledge, think of new ideas and ways of doing things, and are willing to take risks and learn from mistakes while working within an established organization or setting up their own business.

Resilience badge

Understand how to set priorities and goals, bounce back when things go wrong, listen to others' views while speaking up for yourself, and believe in personal growth and change by seeing new knowledge and skills as a way of life.

Self-Awareness badge

Explore your own personality, strengths, and areas of knowledge, and can maintain self-discipline. Students also understand how to improve their professional manner by learning guidelines or rules of the work setting, and look for work opportunities that would be a good match for personal strengths and skills.

Social/Diversity Awareness

Gain an understanding on how to be respectful of differences in others' backgrounds and beliefs, value diversity in the workplace, use social or cultural differences to help expand the concept of "normal," and develop and improve relationships of different backgrounds and beliefs. Understands these differences can actually improve products, services, or work processes.

You can earn Employability Skills Badges in your classes at Chaffey or by completing various activities across campus. Talk with your Professors about Employability Skills Badges that you can earn in their classes. 

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