Grade Grievance FAQs

Below we have listed answers to frequently asked questions received by the Office of Student Affairs. If your question is not addressed, please contact the office directly at

Student Grade Grievance Request

A Student has the right to challenge the final grade given by the Instructor based on the Instructor demonstrating one of the following:

  1. Mistake – unintentional error on part of the instructor
  2. Fraud – intentional misrepresentation of any or all facts, which lead to a negative outcome
  3. Bad Faith –any other intentional act of the instructor, which negatively impacts the grade of the student
  4. Incompetency – there is evidence that the instructor does not have the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities to conduct and fairly grade the course. Incompetence is usually pervasive, and not restricted to one student or one incident

If the issues with your grade do not fit within the options listed above under A-D, please contact the School Dean and schedule a meeting with them to discuss your complaint.

Any student who believes they has a grade grievance may contact the Office of Student Affairs via email at with any questions regarding the grade grievance process. The Dean of Student Affairs shall appoint a Grade Grievance Facilitator, to assist with all administrative matters related to the grade grievance process. The Facilitator will work with the student and schedule an initial meeting, to provide necessary forms and documents, and outlining the entire grade grievance process. They will also be available to the student to answer questions and address any concerns throughout the process.

The student must submit Form A within six (6) months following the end of the semester or session in which the grade is recorded to file a grade grievance.

After six (6) months following the end of the semester or session in which the grade is recorded, the grade may not be grieved and is no longer subject to the grade grievance process.

Failure to submit Form A within the specified time frame shall constitute the student as having waived their right to file a grade grievance for that complaint.

The student must contact, in writing, the appropriate instructor against whom the complaint exists, and attempt, in good faith, to schedule a meeting to present their grade grievance and resolve the concern through the consultative process. If the instructor does not resolve the grade grievance or if the instructor does not meet with the student or respond within ten (10) instructional days, the student grievant may proceed to the next step within the informal level by submitting an Informal Grievance Complaint (Form A) to the School Dean.

Within ten (10) instructional days from receiving Form A, the School Dean will convene a meeting with the student and the instructor to whom the grade grievance was filed against and attempt, in good faith, to resolve the grievance through the consultative process. At the conclusion of the meeting with the School Dean, the School Dean will complete and sign the bottom portion of Form A for the student.