Air Quality and Rideshare

Air Quality Management District

In accordance with regional clean air requirements, the Chaffey Community College District conducts a mandatory Employee Commute Survey on a yearly basis. The survey asks employees how they commute to work during a specific time period. For additional information regarding this survey and related matters, please contact Police Chief Steven Griffin, (909) 652-6638.


Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to carpool, use public transit, cycle or walk to school/work. Help is available to commuters who wish to find a carpool partner and may register with a confidential database maintained by Inland Empire Commuter Services by calling 909-884-8267. For more information, call toll-free 1-866-RIDESHARE (1-866-743-3742).


Traffic congestion, mobility and air quality concerns are of vital importance to the success and future growth of the Inland Empire. These factors affect product and service, as well as student, faculty and staff morale.

Together with the Inland Empire Commuter Services, Chaffey College Police Department encourages ride sharing and assists Commuter Services' goal of providing rideshare services and tools by participating in their promotions and campaigns. Bicycle or walk to work, ride the bus, take Metrolink, or van pool. If possible, telecommute one day a week. Log onto RideMatch to find a ride share partner or call 866-RIDESHARE.

Rideshare Plus - Sign up to get cash and other incentives for pairing up with other commuters.

CommuteSmart - Search for other commuters to start a rideshare arrangement.


Chaffey College Rideshare Incentives

If you currently drive alone and are willing to start or join a new rideshare arrangement (carpool, vanpool, telecommute, use a public bus or Metrolink, walk or bike) you could be eligible for $2/day in gift certificates for the first three months, as well as other incentives.

If you are currently ridesharing, you may qualify for a membership card that provides unlimited discounts at more than 500 Inland Empire merchants.