Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art Committee

Purpose: The committee serves in a consultative role to Wignall museum staff. The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art is a vital component of the academic and cultural life of the Chaffey Community College District. Further, the Wignall museum aspires to engage broad and diverse audiences, create a sense of community, and provide a place for contemplation, stimulation and discussion of contemporary art in relation to the pedagogical investigations across campuses and in our classrooms.

Scope: During twice-per-year meetings, the Wignall director and assistant curator present upcoming exhibitions and related programming, allowing further discussion about possible collaborations and contextualization. The committee has the opportunity to make suggestions about programming and potential academic collaborations or tie-ins on behalf of their school or area of concentration.

Reports To: Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts

Terms of Office: Two years with opportunity for renewal.

Chairperson: Rebecca Trawick, Director, Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art

Members : CCSG student representative, Richard Baca (Adjunct), Catherine Bacus, Sean Black (Adjunct), Sandra Buenrostro, Kristen Burleson, Angela Cardinale, Cathy Decker, Michelle Dowd, Lauren Ensberg, Nicole Farrand, Jeffrey Laguna, John Machado, Shelley Marcus, Bret McMurran, Birgit Monks, Gary Reinschmidt, Janeth Rodriguez, Stephen Shelton, Paula Snyder, Roman Stollenwerk, Rebecca Trawick, Victoria Tulacro, Neil Watkins, Wignall Museum Student Representative, Annette Young

Meeting Day and Time: Usually on Mondays for approximately 1 1/2 hours. Additional subcommittee assignments may be made on a project-by-project basis.