Student Success & Support Program Advisory Committee

Purpose: To provide oversight for the coordination of the college's Student Success and Support Program plans and its compliance with state-wide regulations.

Scope: The development, implementation, and evaluation of the credit Student Success and Support Program plans. Committee members discuss strategies that will enhance access to Chaffey College and promote and sustain the efforts of students to achieve their educational objectives.

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Student Services and Legislative Engagement

Terms of office: Members represent the credit matriculation component areas and can be rotated as appropriate.

Chairperson: Amy Nevarez, Dean, Counseling and Matriculation

Members: Jackie Boboye, Cathy Decker, Ricardo Diaz, Kathy Dutton, Jim Fillpot, Lauren Ensberg, Teresa Hull, Erik Kostiuk (adjunct), Kathy Lucero, Amy Nevarez, Hien Nguyen (adjunct), Mary Jane Ross, Diana Sanchez, Sarah Schmidt, Shella Scott (adjunct), Yubel Svensson, Allison Tripp (adjunct), Rachel VanVeldhuizen, Jennifer Weathersby, Kendra Woods and Cathy Zmudka

Meeting day and time: Committee meets twice a year.