Scholastic Standards Committee

Scholastics Standards Committee

Purpose: The Scholastics Standards Committee reviews student petitions for readmission approval. Students who have been dismissed per probation/dismissal process outlined in the Chaffey College Catalog may apply for readmission after one semester following the date of dismissal. A student may appeal dismissal by filing a petition for readmission approval.

Scope: Meets year round as needed in order to fulfill purpose. Members including faculty, staff and administration representatives.

Reports to: Superintendent/President

Terms of office: Committee members serve for one year on a volunteer basis.

Chairperson: Ricardo Diaz

Members: Laura Alvarado (adjunct), Graciela Arriaga, Ricardo Diaz, Melissa DiLorenzo, Kathy Dutton, Katie Friedman (adjunct), Meng Khou, Linda Marcotte, Celeste Mor, Melanie Olivera-LaVallee, Marlene Ramirez-Mooney and Cynthia Parker

Meeting day and time: The committee meets once a semester to review student appeals to dismissal action. Meeting dates vary but usually take place in April and October.

Comments: Petitions are processed within two weeks after submission.