Resource Allocation Committee

Purpose: To ensure that resources are distributed in accordance with the new Integrated Planning Model framework. To that end, the resulting equipment, software, and technology requests stemming from the Program and Services Review (PSR) process are sent to the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC). At that time, the RAC will identify available funding sources and prioritize the list of requests from the PSR. Those items with the highest priority will be purchased until the allocated funds are exhausted.

Reports to: Superintendent/President

Chairpersons: Lisa Bailey, management; Krystn Bradbury, classified/confidential; Charles Williams, faculty

Members: Alisha Rosas, Areli Rodriguez, Ashira Murphy, Heather Decauwer, Michael Fink, Nicole Farrand, Norma Rojero, Patrick Cabildo, Raymond Cuellar, Rose Ann Osmanian, Stephanie Moya, Trisha Albertsen, Troy Ament, and Yvonne Calvert.

Meeting day and time: 22:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month

Comments: RAC applies developed rubrics to funding requests so that available resources are prioritized and used to meet the needs of the college. RAC also facilitates institutional discussions about ongoing funding needs, equipment depreciation and other related processes.