Program and Services Review Committee

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Purpose: The Program and Services Review Committee determines the extent to which the college's programs and services effectively support the college mission and goals. The committee then makes recommendations to the Superintendent/President regarding planning for improvement and resource allocation.

Scope: Review teams evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services in supporting and improving student achievement and determine if program results are clearly linked to institutional planning and resource allocation. All programs and services are evaluated on a three-year cycle (approximately 40 programs per year). All programs and services will complete an Annual Update page.

Reports to: Superintendent/President

Terms of office: Terms are three years

Chairpersons: Jo Alvarez, Laura Hope, and Tara Paul

Members: Jo Alvarez, Joanna Bentley, Lisa Bruchet, Angela Burk-Herrick, Jason Chevalier, Fabiola Espitia, Jim Fillpot, Yolanda Friday, Hsing Ho, Laura Hope, Jeffrey Laguna, Sherrie Loewen, Stephanie Moya, Amy Nevarez, Terezita Overduin, Tara Paul, Holly Pennington, Alan Roebuck, Melissa Sipma, Michelle Tardiff, Victoria Tirado, Annette Young and Theodore Younglove

Meeting day and time: The committee meets 3 to 4 times a year. The committee's review teams schedule their own meetings for discussions of their particular programs of responsibility.

Jo Alvarez
(909) 652-6961

Tara Paul
(909) 652-6135