Professional Relations Committee

Purpose: The Professional Relations Committee provides confidential guidance and facilitation toward the resolution of professional and interpersonal relations among faculty members by enhancing communication and fostering mutual understanding of faculty roles and responsibilities. Participation in the Professional Relations process is voluntary, involving only those parties willing to work with one or more committee members through a process designed to either (1) work one-on-one with a faculty member to help them resolve a concern, or (2) to bring the faculty members together and work with both of them to resolve the concern.

Scope: The Professional Relations Committee is a standing Senate Committee. Committee members are elected by a vote of the Senate. The committee, which is comprised of ten full-time faculty members, shall include individuals who broadly represent both the diversity of the faculty, and the various schools/disciplines. Committee members shall assiduously avoid any conflict of interest, and shall recuse themselves from activity in any dispute in which their participation might create the appearance of impropriety. The committee shall elect a chair who shall be responsible for scheduling meetings, coordinating training and selecting subcommittees as required. The committee will meet as frequently as necessary to conduct its business, and to complete conflict management training.

Reports to: Faculty Senate President

Terms of Office: Rotating three-year terms.

Chairperson: Tim Greene

Members: Abel Chen, Greg Creel, Nicole DeRose, Michael Fong, Tim Greene, Tamari Jenkins, David Karp, Cynthia Parker, Pak Tang and Sariwan Tjandra

Meeting day and time: As needed

Comments: The Professional Relations (PR) Committee was reconstituted in the Spring of 2009.