President's Equity Council

Purpose: To design and implement an integrated equity program that brings together the various interests, activities, and mandates related to diversity. Equity is defined as 'freedom from bias or favoritism' in Webster's dictionary.

Scope: President's Equity Council is the umbrella committee that advances institutional equity at Chaffey College. The council works closely with other programs, services and committees concerned with equity and multi-cultural issues. The council addresses the recommendations of the accreditation team, legal mandates and staff concerns related to diversity, student equity issues and other issues related to affirmative action in addition to presenting suggestions to the Superintendent/President for review and action. The council is the oversight committee for the Student Equity Plan.

Reports to: Superintendent/President

Terms of office: Continuing

Chairpersons:  Leticia Romo, management; vacant, faculty and vacant, classified.

Members: Adalberto Rodriguez; Alisha Rosas ; Amanda Admire ; Angela Burk-Herrick; Cindy Walker ; David Rentz; Julie Sanchez; Kevin Curwin; Krysten Audibert; Leta Ming; Leticia Romo; Manar Hijaz; Marlene Cianchetti; Neil Watkins; Osmara Torreblanca; Patricia Bopko; Raymond Cuellar; Rebecca Trawick; Sonia Torres; Stephanie Moya; Susan Hardie; Theresa Rees; Tomeika Carter; Yolanda Friday; Yubel Svensson.

Meeting day and time: Council meets one Friday per month via zoom. Fall will meet from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (10/22/21, 11/12/21, 12/3/21). Spring will meet from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (1/7/22, 2/4/22, 3/4/22, 4/1/22, 5/6/22).