Planning Council

Purpose: The College Planning Council ensures the following occurs: 

• Review and evaluate college planning processes to ensure they are integrated and effective and recommend changes as appropriate
• Review shared governance processes for breakdowns/changes needed and develop new processes as needed
• Review current trends and labor market data
• Review results of planning Program and Services Review PSR, RAC, OAC, Prioritization Processes
• Recommend the development of new programs and/or deactivation of programs
• Evaluate and document institutional performance on strategic plans and scorecards
• Develop institutional set standards and metrics for accreditation and the Chancellor's Office
• Develop budgetary recommendations that support institutional planning
• All recommendations are to the Superintendent/President

Scope: The strong or direct connections that the College Planning Council has related to the Academic Senate 10+2 are:

     (7) Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports.

   (10) Processes for institutional planning and budget development.

Reports to: Superintendent/President

Terms of office: Two years

Chairpersons:  David Karp, faculty; Garrett Kenehan, interim dean; Olympia Olaluwoye, classified professional

Members: Alisha Serrano, Amy Nevarez, Angela Burk-Herrick, Angela Cardinale, Angela Ybarra (student), Areli Rodriguez, Chris Brunelle, Cindy Walker, Corinthia Crawford, Cory Schwartz, David Karp, Eric Houck, Eva Ramirez, Garrett Kenehan, Jason Chevalier, Jeffrey Laguna, Jim Fillpot, Jonathan Ausubel, Joseph Cascio, Laura Hope, Lisa Bailey, Matthew Morin, Michael Fink, Michael McClellan, Misty Burruel, Neil Watkins, Nicole DeRose, Olympia Olaluwoye, Patrick Cabildo, Raymond Cuellar, Robert Rundquist, Sarah Schmidt, Shannon Jessen, Sharon Alton, Shelley Eckvahl, Sheneui Weber, Stephanie Moya, Steve Siedschlag, Susan Hardie, Teresa Hull, Troy Ament, Valeen Gonzales, Vicky Valle, Yolanda Friday, and Yubel Svensson

Meeting day and time: The committee meets 10:00 - 11:30 am on the first Friday of the month via Zoom.