One Book, One College Committee (OBOC)

Purpose: To organize the collaborative selection of a book to be read by students, faculty, staff, and administration during each academic year. To organize a series of free events related to the book in order to encourage creativity, learning, community, and interdisciplinary planning.

Scope: Meets year round as needed in order to fulfill purpose. Currently about 20 members including faculty, staff, administration and a student representative.

Reports to: Superintendent/President

Terms of Office: Committee serves on a volunteer basis; Co-Chairs volunteer for renewable one year assignments with the approval of the committee.

Chairperson: See comments section below

Members: Heather Blackmore, Sean Connelly, Kimberly George, Joy Haerens, Sheryl Herchenroeder, Deanna Hernandez, Jack Hill (adjunct), Deckard Hodge, Daniel Keener, Bonnie Khaw-Posthuma, Julie LaMay, Mercedes Limon, Diana Luu (adjunct), Shelley Marcus, Robert Nazar, Charmaine Phipps, Julie Sanchez, Rebecca Trawick, Victoria Tulacro, Yvonne Vitt, Neil Watkins and Judith Weingartner

Meeting Day and Time: The committee meets one Monday or Wednesday each month from 12:30 p.m. - 1:50 p.m. in the Library Conference Room.

Comments: Charmaine Phipps, facilitator; Neil Watkins, campus liaison; Sheryl Herchenroeder, marketing and publicity; and  Deckard Hodge, treasurer. The secretary and community liaison positions are vacant.