Journalism Publications Committee

Purpose: To provide professional feedback and guidance to students from individuals who work in the newspaper industry and the artistic fields covered within the scope of The Breeze and The Chaffey Review's creative collective, including literary arts, visual arts, music appreciation and film. Oversees policy issues with regard to all student publications.

Scope: Chaffey professors and recognized community writers and artists. Reviews and makes recommendations to appropriate advisers and student groups regarding matters of policy with regard to advertising, distribution, and content in accordance with district policies and procedures.

Reports to: Dean, Language Arts

Terms of Office: Alternating three-year terms

Chairperson: Michelle Dowd

Members: Patrick Aranda, Angela Cardinale, Crystal Chatham (professional journalist), Cathy Decker, Hanna Diaz, Michelle Dowd, Mike Eskew (adjunct), Kathy Haddad, Manar Hijaz, Daniel Jacobo, Erik Jacobson, Jessica Keating (professional journalist), Melissa Lewis, Patrick Maio (professional journalist), David Judah Oliver, Kevin Riel, Rick Sforoza (profesional journalist), Dustin Shepherd, Robert Smith, Susan Starr, Roman Stollenwerk, Rebecca Trawick, Victoria Tulacro, Neil Watkins and the Student Editorial Board of The Breeze.

Meeting Day and Time: The committee meets twice a year.