Health and Safety Committee

Purpose: The Health and Safety Committee exists to evaluate and make recommendations regarding District health and safety policies and procedures.

Scope: The committee will initiate, develop, review, and update district procedures concerning district health and safety issues, responding to new initiatives as they arise, and monitoring the effectiveness of current procedures.

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Business Services and Economic Development

Terms of Office: Each member serves for two years, with half of the membership rotating off the committee each year.

Chairperson: Tri-Chairs are Darryl Seube (management), Bret McMurran (faculty) and Areli Rodriguez (classified)

Members: Troy Ament, Cynthia Barney, Donna Canas, Kelli Florman, Sam Gaddie, Danni Gilley, Susan Hardie, Teresa Hull,  Bret McMurran, Kay Peek, Evelyn Razon, Areli Rodriguez, Darryl Seube, Don Schroeder, Sara Seol and Pak Tang.

Meeting Day and Time: Meetings are scheduled three times per semester on Wednesdays from 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in the Information Services Meeting Room.