Faculty Success Center Advisory Committee

Purpose: To help plan and develop the curriculum of the FSC. The curriculum consists of activities, programs, the Faculty Summer Institute or FSI, workshops, online workshops, presenters and guest speakers. The emphasis and focus of the work group is towards offering curriculum that is consistent with student success/campus-wide initiatives.


Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness

Terms of Office: Two Years

Chairperson: Cindy Walker, Faculty Success Center coordinator

Members: Mamta Agarwal, John Fay, Manar Hijaz (adjunct), Angela Leontas, Rose Ann Osmanian, Grace Reotutar (adjunct), Hanna Seidler (adjunct), Cindy Walker, Judith Weingartner, Robert Nazar, Robin Witt, Selene Pineda and Melissa Utsler.

Meeting Day and Time: The FSC meets on the second Friday of each month from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. in the Faculty Success Center (ATL 110).

Comments: For more information visit the Faculty Success Center website.