Financial Aid Appeals Committee

Purpose: The Appeals Committee reviews the written appeal letters of financial aid students who currently have not made financial aid satisfactory academic progress in the previous academic year. In the appeal letter, the student describes extenuating circumstances.

Scope: To determine the continuing eligibility of financial aid students who have not met the requirements for financial aid satisfactory academic progress.

Reports to: Dean, Discipline/Grievance

Terms of Office: The committee members remain the same from year to year. The committee may be revisited on an annual basis.

Chairperson: Patricia Bopko, director, Financial Aid

Members: Patricia Bopko, Kristen Burleson, Maria Cuevas, Kerry McLoughlin (adjunct) and Michelle Wallace

Meeting Day and Time: The committee meets every other Wednesday from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. or as needed.

Comments: Notes are taken in order to formulate responses to students. The committee's responsibility is to review student appeals and determine whether eligibility can be granted.