Academic Senate

Purpose: The role of the Chaffey College Academic Senate is to participate effectively in the formation of college policy with respect to academic and professional matters. The rights and responsibilities of the Academic Senate derive from the California Administrative Code Title V and from District policies.

Scope: AB1725 assigns a major role to the Academic Senate in the development of policies and procedures dealing with academic and professional matters. The legislature has given the faculty primary responsibility in academic and professional matters and has bestowed statutory recognition on the community college faculty that it may function in a fashion similar to that of the faculties of public four-year colleges and universities.

Reports to: Governing Board or designee

Terms of Office: Positions are elected and terms vary.

Chairperson: Academic Senate President


Neil Watkins, President
Sarah Chamberlain, Vice President
Elizabeth "Liz" Encarnacion, Secretary/Treasurer

Curriculum Chair, Angela Burk-Herrick
Business & Applied Technology Senators: Tracy Kocher, Bruce Osburn and William "Bill" O'Neil (alternate)
Chino/Fontana Senators: Daniel Bentum, Tara Johnson and Manar Hijaz (alternate)
Health Science Senators: Lisa Doget, Jayne Clark, and Jordan Hung (alternate) 
Instructional Support Senators: Christina Holdiness, Mary Jane Ross and Shelley Marcus (alternate) 

Kinesiology, Nutrition & Athletics  Senator: Jeff Harlow, Elaine Martinez, and Candice Hines-Tinsley (alternate)
Language Arts Senators: Elizabeth "Liz" Encarnacion, Steve Shelton, and Leona Fisher (alternate)
Math and Science Senators: Mark Gutierrez, Elizabeth Cannis and Diana Cosand (alternate)
Social and Behavioral Sciences Senators: Dan Kern, Pak Tang, Sergio Gomez (alternate)
Student Services Senators: Jackie Boboye, Michelle Martinez, and Sergio Gomez (alternate)
Visual and Performing Arts Senators: Erik Jacobson, Vacant, and Leta Ming (alternate)
Senators-at-Large: Tamari Jenkins, Robin Witt, and Sarah Chamberlain 
Adjunct Senators-at-Large: Patty Peoples, Vacant, and (vacant alternate)

Meeting Day and Time: The Chaffey College Academic Senate meets on Tuesdays from 12:30 to 1:50 pm unless otherwise stated. Until further notice, the meetings are scheduled during a proclaimed state of emergency in which state and local officials have imposed or recommended measures to promote social distancing.  Under those circumstances, at the regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, December 7, the Academic Senate determined by majority vote, that meeting in person would  present imminent risks to the health and safety of attendees.  For this reason, the Academic Senate will continue to meet via videoconference and can hold teleconference meetings under the Brown Act as modified by AB361.  The Academic Senate will reconsider this action every 30 days thereafter.