Disability Program Committee

Purpose: The Disabilities Advisory Committee is composed of persons committed to advocating for and assisting individuals with disabilities in a variety of ways. The Advisory Committee's purpose is to provide input regarding student needs in both the college setting and the community in general and how to best meet those needs. The committee will address strategies for best serving students with disabilities.

Scope: The committee draws its members from a variety of campus departments, area high schools, education-related agencies and organizations and other community agencies which address the needs of individuals with disabilities. The committee shares information and suggestions related to the enhancement of the Disability Program at Chaffey College and typically has about 25 members.

Reports to: Dean, Counseling and Matriculation

Terms of Office: None

Chairperson: Director, Disability Programs and Services

Members:  Jackie Boboye, Faculty, Counselor; Greg Creel, Faculty, Instructional Specialist; Maria Fitzpatrick, Faculty, Psychology; Carol Gentili, Community, West End SELPA; Linda Hill, Community, Counselor, Department of Rehabilitation; Robyn Hoekstra, Staff, Program Generalist, DPS-LDC; Daniel Jacobo, Faculty, Broadcasting/Cinema; Ted Jenkins, Faculty, Mathematics; Butch Jones, Community, Director of Operations, Diversified Industries; Naomi McCool, SBS;  Carmen Navarro, Faculty, Communication Studies; Melanie Olivera-LaVallee, Faculty, English; Lisa Padgett, Faculty, Mathematics; Martha Perez, Community, Consumer Services Coordinator, Inland Regional Center; Sheela Stark, Adjunct Faculty, BAT; Al Williams, President, Together Plus Club

Meeting Day and Time: Twice annually in April and October.