Distance Education Committee

Purpose: The mission of the Online Education Committee is to cultivate and inform innovative, effective, and equitable best practices, and recommend policies and procedures to ensure high-quality online education and student support services. The committee collaborates with academic, administrative, and student stakeholders.  

Scope: To facilitate the development of a District DE plan.

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness

Terms of Office: Alternating two-year terms.

Tri- Chair: Angela Cardinale, Faculty; Matthew Morin, Manager; and Sabrina Sanchez, Classified 


Faculty members: Jonathan Ausubel, Bob Baiz, Jackie Boboye, Becky Brister, Angela Cardinale, Kirk Collins, Leona Fisher, Candice Hines-Tinsley, Brad Hughes, Shannon Jessen, Tara Johnson, Jeff Laguna, Jinny Lee, Gregory Marquez, Morgan Rea, Ana Rosales, Melissa Sakoonphong, Bonnie Spears, and Melissa Utsler.

Classified members: Adriana Arce, Anam Farooqui, Madeline Glenn, Sabrina Sanchez, and Jason Schneck.

Managers: Michael Fink, Matthew Morin, Bryce Prustos, and Robert Rundquist

Meeting Day and Time: Meets on the third Wednesday of the month from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. in BE 100.

Comments: Committee charge and membership should be updated annually as and until a distance education plan develops. For more information on distance education at Chaffey College visit the DE website.