Commencement Committee

Purpose: This committee exists for the purpose of coordinating the annual graduation ceremony, reception and related activities.

Scope: The Commencement Committee plans, organizes, and assists with the implementation of the annual graduation ceremony, reception and allied events. This is a year-round committee.

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Student Services and Legislative Engagement

Terms of office: The committee does not change members annually. Members are from instructional and student service departments that are critical in planning the ceremony. When a member rotates out, we seek another member from within departments connected to the ceremony.

Chairperson: Christopher Brunelle, Dean, Student Life

Members: Sonia Juarez, Troy Ament, Kathy Lucero, Alisha Rosas, Tara Johnson, Lindy Mercante, Diana Contreras, Dawn Hatfield, Amy Nevarez, Rachel Galindo, Nilsa Robertson, Janeth Rodriguez, Christopher Brunelle, Julie Sanchez, Stephanie Moya and Henry Shannon.

Meeting day and time: Meets from 2 to 3:30 p.m. the first Thursday of the month in SSA-227.