Calendar Committee

Purpose: To develop the college calendar for the forthcoming academic year and to forward its recommendations to the superintendent/president.

Scope: The committee reviews the calendar and determines 1) start and end dates for each semester and summer sessions, 2) state-mandated and flexible holidays, 3) final exam schedule and 4) operational data.

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness

Terms of office: Members serve two-year terms and may be reappointed.

Co-Chairs:  Teresa Hull

Members: Cynthia Barney, Jackie Boboye, Stephen Calebotta, Doug Duno, Hope Ell, Rod Elsdon, Rachel Galindo, Monica Han, Kathy Lucero, Norma Rojero (Alternate), Dulce Spencer, Marie Boyd and Jason Chevaliar.

Meeting day and time: The committee meets two to three times during the fall semester. 

Comments: Membership consists of managers, two Chaffey College Faculty Association CCFA representatives, two Chaffey College Faculty Senate representatives, two Chaffey College California School Employees Association CSEA representatives, and two Chaffey College Classified Senate representatives.