Behavior Intervention Team

Purpose: To provide support to Chaffey College personnel in assisting students in matters of conduct that do not rise to the level of behavior code violations and/or emergency situations.

Scope: BIT is a consultative and confidential resource for staff and faculty concerned about student behavior. In efforts to prevent discipline or emergency situations, advice and resources are offered to faculty and staff. Students of concern that are reported to BIT benefit greatly and have a greater chance at success. The efficiency of services provided by BIT is in part based on the high level of expertise in various areas, demonstrated by the diversity of membership.

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness

Terms of office: Two years

Chairperson: Chris Brunelle

Members: Chris Brunelle, Nicole Barbari, Gail Keith-Gibson (adjunct), Melissa Johannsen, Kay Peek, Patty Powell, Darryl Seube, Veronica Rios and Cory Schwartz.

Meeting day and time: The committee meets from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. every Tuesday. 

Comments: For additional information, please visit the BIT website.