Accreditation Oversight Committee

Purpose: Accreditation concerns should be institutionalized into ongoing processes to ensure that goal setting, student learning, dialogue and validation are occurring on an annual basis. This committee will ensure that all college activities are mapped to both the accreditation standards and the Ends Policies and that evidence is collected through ongoing activities rather than once every six years. With regard to the reports from PSR, the Accreditation Oversight Committee will review them and recommend changes to either the Ends Policies or the Strategic Goals and Action Plans as appropriate.


Reports To: Superintendent/President

Terms of Office: Two years

Chairperson: Tri Chairs: Sherri Loewen(Management), David Karp(Faculty), Theresa Rees(Classified)

Members: Emily Avila, Marie Boyd, Patrick Cabildo, Jason Chevalier, Len Crow, Carol Dickerson, Christa El-Said, Jim Fillpot, Tim Greene, Joy Haerens, Teresa Hull, Carol Hutte, Erik Jacobson, Diana Jimenez, Tara Johnson, Sonia Juarez, David Karp, Maria Kort, Kathy Lucero, Birgit Monks, Stephanie Moya, Joyce Oakdale, Danielle Pearson, Meridith Randall, Theresa Rees, David Rentz, Areli Rodriguez, Julie Sanchez, Cory Schwartz, Melissa Sosa, Yubel Svensson, Anita Undercoffer, Vicky Valle, Ted Younglove, Rob Rundquist and Amy Nevarez.

Meeting Day and Time: The committee meets on Fridays in HS-143.