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One Book One College Nomination Form

  • Students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members engaging in conversation
  • Events and activities connecting all areas of Chaffey College
  • Readers sharing diverse viewpoints on a single book
  • Students enjoying reading while improving their critical reading and thinking skills
  • Faculty and staff showcasing their expertise and their passion for education

Please participate by nominating a book you would like to teach or discuss in the 2023-2024 school year!

Nomination due date is November 17, 2022.  Book selection will be announced during spring term.

Ideal College Books have broad appeal that makes them useful in a variety of classes. Price and length are factors, as are the types of events the book makes possible.

The information provided in this form will be sent to the Chaffey College One Book One College Committee.
Please provide as much information as possible.

Additional questions should be directed to Daniel Keener or Bonnie Khaw-Posthuma 

Literature Type
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You MUST fill out the "Nominated by" section. No anonymous nominations will be accepted.