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Art Collection

The Chaffey College Art Collection is managed by the Chaffey College Art Committee. The Art Committee serves an advisory role to the President of Chaffey College.

The mission of the Art Committee is to enhance learning and environmental aesthetics through advancing the presence of public art on the Chaffey College campuses. The mission is guided by the principle that public art contributes to the College's educational mission, enlivens and distinguishes the campus environment, and is a source of pleasure and inspiration to students and the community.

For the purposes of the committee's work, public art is defined as installations of art—permanent or temporary—in public spaces of the College, including the exteriors of buildings, outdoor public areas and interior public lobbies.

The Art Committee's goals include: advancing the presence of public art of both professional and student artists; setting standards and criteria for public art purchased or commissioned by or donated or loaned to the college; overseeing the placement, relocation or removal of public art; reviewing long-term funding models for maintenance of public art; providing opportunities to facilitate community education and appreciation of public art; identifying and cultivating sources of funding for public art; and developing and overseeing campus policy and procedure on public art.

For questions on the Chaffey College Art Collection, please contact;

Roman Stollenwerk
Art Committee Chair