Adult Dual Enrollment

Want to go to college (for FREE!) while in Adult School?

This program is undocumented student friendly- citizenship not required


What is 'dual enrollment'?

This is a program where you attend college while you are working on your GED or high school diploma. The classes you take at Chaffey may count towards you high school credits.

  • Free college courses
  • Books may be free (depending on option)
  • You can get started on your degree requirements for Chaffey College, Cal State and University of California schools 
  •  Adult Education counselors provide support 


What are the options?

Pre-selected Course (formerly Partnership) option:

  • Citizenship or California residency (lived in CA for over 1 year) not required
  • Choose from a pre-selected list of courses  which include general education (math, English, science, and electives) as well at Career and Technical Education classes such as courses in the health sciences, law enforcement, computer skills and fire technology.
  • All classes are free
  • Books are free
  • Simplified registration
  • All courses are online 


Open Course (formerly Dual Enrollment) Option:

  • Citizenship or California residency (lived in CA over 1 year) not required
  • Student selects any course offered (except PE activity courses, i.e., yoga)
  • All classes are free
  • Can enroll in online, in-person or hybrid courses (both online and in-person)
  • Can enroll in classes offered in 9-week, 14-week or 18-week schedules.
  • Student self-registers on assigned registration date; counselor support is provided


adult ed partnership flyerHow to Enroll 

1) Apply to Chaffey College.   When completing the Chaffey College application, you will need to select "Enrolled in adult school and authorized to enroll in college at the same time" under the Education - Enrollment Status section. Would you like assistance with completing the Chaffey College application? Submit this form and we will reach out to you.

Dual Enrollment Application Tutorial (Open link to view)

2) Select your program and complete the form using your Chaffey College student ID number*:

Pre-selected Course option

Open Course option

* If you are enrolled at Chaffey Adult School, you must meet with Ms. Smith, Mr. Yang or Ms. Sosa before you enroll.

For all other students, we do recommend you meet with your adult school counselor or career advisor before enrolling.

Pre-Selected Course Option- Once your adult school approves your form, we will handle the registration. You will receive a confirmation email.

Open Course Option- Once your adult school approves, it will take about three days to receive your registration date in your Chaffey portal. You can register yourself or we can assist you (we recommend allowing us to guide you the first time).

Below are resources to assist you with this process:

How to Navigate the Student Portal

How to View your Registration Date

How to Self-Register

3)  Meet with Adult Education Counselors for course suggestions and to create an education plan. Click below to make an appointment:

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Nicole Pinon

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Maritza Alanis


Eligibility and Restrictions

To be eligible, students must adhere to the following:

  • Be currently enrolled in an adult school high school diploma or GED program;
  • Your adult school must verify with us that you are enrolled in their program
  • A student is allowed to enroll in up to 11 units (about 3 classes) for Fall and Spring and 6 units (about 2 classes) in Summer. 


Welcome WebinarWelcome Webinar

WELCOME WEBINAR Registration Link

Webinars are from 5:30 to 7:00 pm (online). Students need only to attend one session.

Available dates:  January 12, 2023 and January 18, 2023

Not Eligible for Dual Enrollment ?

We can still help you attend college! The adult education counselors can guide you through our financial aid options such as the Panther Promise, PELL grants, EOPS, CalWorks, etc. Addition resources are available for undocumented students such as the California Dream Act, AB 540, or the Non-resident Fee Waiver. 

¿Q`ue es la Ley de AB 540?

What is the California Dream Act? 

¿Q`ue es la Ley Dream de California?

Are you undocumented or are one of your family members undocumented and you do not feel safe completing our application or financial aid forms? Please contact the Financial Aid Office.