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Health and Wellness


The Health and Wellness Academic and Career Community is committed to preparing students for success in a dynamic healthcare industry. Through immersive education and practical training, our community empowers students with foundational knowledge, problem-solving skills, and hands-on techniques essential for careers in healthcare. We offer various pathways including certificates, degrees, and transfer opportunities, leading to impactful roles supporting the health and wellness of our diverse communities. Join us to make a difference in health, society, and quality of life.

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Health and Welless (HW) Team of faculty, staff, and students on your Chaffey College Portal.


Your Academic Support Members 


Coordinators are faculty leaders who are vital to ensuring students have the best experience possible while taking classes at Chaffey College. Coordinators help to mediate any concerns that you might have and can connect you with your instructor or the dean’s office. They can answer questions or concerns about your classes, and refer you to resources related to your academic experience. Email is the best way to reach them:


Dean & Staff 

Dr. Eric Sorenson, Dean
Shelli Martinez, EPA
Rita Morales, AAII
Melissa Ruiz DeLeon, AAII
Susie Haynes, AAII
Angie Coronado-Hope, AAII

Fontana Dean & Staff 

Amy Navarez, Fontana Dean
Roni Osifeso, EPA