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Marketing & Public Relations
Skills Labs Building
Room 17
Chaffey College
5885 Haven Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga
CA 91737-3002

909/652-6114 voice
909/652-6120 fax

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Membership Benefits

Gain leadership experience - Be a student role model. Develop your leadership abilities through Student Ambassador training, conducting campus tours and sharing your enthusiasm and positive Chaffey College experiences with new and prospective students.

Gain communication skills - Each Student Ambassador receives the training required to successfully handle formal presentations as well as campus tours and college fair events.

Gain greater knowledge of the campus - Working on-campus, especially in the Marketing department, allows you to stay on the inside track of what's new on campus. Anything from guest speakers to press releases and mailing out event invitations allows you to be the most informed students on campus.


Membership Requirements

To become a Student Ambassador, you must:
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA at Chaffey College (or have a 70% average from high school if in your first semester at Chaffey College)

  • Submit the completed application form to the Student Ambassador Program located in the Marketing Department
Once you are accepted into the Student Ambassador Program, you will be required to:
  • Attend the Student Ambassador general training session and all other applicable training sessions

  • Attend Student Ambassador General Meetings

  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA at Chaffey College

  • Maintain professional conduct when representing the College

Application Form

Download the application form

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