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Marketing & Public Relations
Skills Labs Building
Room 17
Chaffey College
5885 Haven Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga
CA 91737-3002

909/652-6114 voice
909/652-6120 fax

student ambassadors


Student Ambassadors are involved in the following programs and events:
Campus Tours
  • welcome visitors to Chaffey College and orient them to the physical campus

  • provide visitors with a true glimpse of campus life, highlighting the best College services and activities

  • provide current and accurate information in an interesting and friendly manner

A Student Ambassador is always available to give you a personalized tour! Depending on the programs and majors you are interested in, we can tailor the tour to fit you needs.

Call Rachel Galindo at (909) 652-6113 to schedule a personal or group tour.

High School Outreach


Each Ambassador is assigned a local high school that they visit weekly. The purpose of the program is to allow high school students to attach a face to Chaffey College. The job description for this program is anything from formal presentations to a display table at lunch to scheduled one-on-one appointments with the students, depending on what the career center technician at each school requires.

Community Events


As representatives of Chaffey College, Students Ambassadors work with the local communities at events such as college fairs, career nights, and street fairs. Student Ambassadors are the face of Chaffey College.

On Campus Events


Student Ambassadors work with Student Activities and the Chaffey College Foundation during on-campus programs such as Open House, Tailgate Party, and scholarship fundraising drives.

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